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Welcome to the official website of Kooikerhondje club in the Czech Republic (Czechia).

While you can find and (Google) translate more information on our full Czech site, we collected the most important information for international breeders, who want to get in touch with Czech breeders, in this English section.
The history of breeding Kooikers in Czechia goes back to 2006 when the first breeders brought two female dogs from the Netherlands. Today we have around 500 Kooikerhondjes and some 300-350 owners & breeders. We are officially organized under the Hunting Scouts Club (, but both breed standards and breeding rules are fully in line with the standards of the Dutch Kooikerhondje Club ( 
We also share the vision of the Dutch club - to maintain and improve the breed, promote the welfare of Kooikerhondjes, and promote contact between breed enthusiasts and breeders. We regularly report all the required information about the Czech breed, which is then listed in ZooEasy and Club Register (and soon in Fit2Breed).
Czech Kooikerhondje club is actively educating breeders, supporting new dog owners, and communicating with them via the internet and our Facebook site


List of Czech kennels:

You can find here the full list of active Kooikerhondje kennels in Czechia, and it includes the Name of the kennel, Name of the breeder, Place/city, Website, Date of planned litter (if there is one)

Stud dog list: 

Full list of active stud dogs with following information - Name, Year of birth, Height, Health information, Number of puppies in Czechia. When you click on the dog's name you will see more information, including contacts to the breeder, a copy of the Pedigree, or detailed health information.


List of all Czech Kooikers:

Complete list of all Kooikerhondjes registered in Czechia. It includes dogs bred locally, as well as those imported from other countries. In the list, you can see the Name of the dog, Sex, Date of birth, Registration number, and Origin (CZ / imported).


Litters overview:

Historical statistics of all litters in Czechia (table on top), which includes Year, Number of litters, Number of puppies, and Number of male / female puppies. Below is also an overview of all kennels with more details about their litters and puppies.




If you are searching for a stud dog or want to buy a puppy from a Czech breeder, please contact individual breeders directly. You can find their contact details in the Kennel list (either direct contact or link to their website) and in the Stud dog list - when you click on each stud dog profile. If there are no contact details for the breeder, they are most likely not active anymore.

General questions related to the Kooikerhondje breed in Czechia:

Lucie Marsikova, - head of Kooikerhondje club (section of KCHLS)

Renata Mandova, - member of Kooikerhondje committee responsible for international affairs

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